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In August and September, The Trustees of Colerain, Ross and Springfield townships voted to approve Rumpke as the official waste and recycling service provider for their township residents.



Rumpke service, for residents in all three townships will begin April 1, 2016.

 Watch your mailbox for additional details from Rumpke and the townships.





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Dear Township Resident 2

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Legal Authority. 3

The statute that allows the township to save you money.



Frequently Asked Questions. 4

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Sample Letter

November 9, 2015


Dear Township Resident,


We are very excited to announce a partnership between Colerain, Ross and Springfield townships as well as Rumpke to offer our residents an enhanced waste and recycling service at a low monthly rate.

Beginning April 1, 2016, residents of all three townships will receive weekly waste and recycling collection and once monthly large item collection for $16.20 per month. All residents will receive a 65- gallon recycling container. Smaller 18-gallon recycling bins will also be available upon request. Residents have the option to lease a 95-gallon Rumpke trash cart for $2.50 per month.

Residents who are small generators of trash can take advantage of an even lower rate by subscribing to the new limited service option. Limited service is available for $12.95 per month. Residents that choose limited service will receive a 95-gallon Rumpke trash cart as well as a 65-gallon recycling cart. Smaller 18-gallon recycling bins will also be available upon request. Residents on this plan must place all trash completely inside the provided trash container. Trash placed at the curb outside of the cart, will not be collected.

Rumpke service will be required for all single family and multi-family structures with four or less units. Residents who have permission to dispose of trash at work or those households considered a working farm, may be exempted, if proper documentation is provided. Please contact Rumpke at 1-800-582- 3107 for more details.

For those residents that currently contract with another waste hauler, please contact them in the coming months to inform them your last service day will be the week of March 27, 2016.

This is a great opportunity for our townships to reduce our trash, increase recycling and for our residents to realize cost savings. Additional information about Rumpke service and the coming changes can be found on the townships’ websites. Please also watch your mailbox early next year for more information from Rumpke on how to choose your service level.




Colerain, Ross & Springfield Township Trustees



Legal Authority


·         Ohio Revised Code 505.27 (see below) enables Townships to enter into exclusive waste collection contracts for their residents.

·         The Townships passed resolutions authorizing a joint request for bid pursuant to ORC 505.27 and subsequently passed a second resolution, after the bidding process, accepting the bid from Rumpke as the lowest bidder.

·         Colerain, Ross and Springfield Townships entered into an agreement with Rumpke for waste and recycling collection, which provides that Rumpke will be the exclusive provider of those services in each Township for all occupied residential properties from 1-4 units.


Ohio Revised Code

Section 505.27 - Collection, transfer, and disposal of solid wastes



Boards of township trustees, either severally or jointly, may provide, maintain, and operate facilities for the collection, transfer, and disposal of solid wastes or may enter into written contracts with the proper municipal or county authorities or with independent contractors for such services for the township or for a waste disposal district as provided in section 505.28 of the Revised Code.




If a board of township trustees enters into a contract with an independent contractor under division (A)(1) of this section, the contract may provide that the independent contractor is the exclusive provider of any or all of the services described in that division for the township or the waste disposal district. If the contract so provides, both of the following apply:

(i)                     The contract shall be entered into only by competitive bidding.

(ii)                    No other independent contractor or other person or entity shall provide, in the township or waste disposal district, the services agreed to in the contract during the contract period.



Whoever violates division (A)(2)(a)(ii) of this section shall be fined one hundred fifty dollars for the first offense and five hundred dollars for each subsequent offense. Each collection, transfer, or disposal made in violation of that division constitutes a separate offense. Fines collected under that division shall be paid into the waste collection fund established under division (A) of section 505.31 of the Revised Code.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.        Do I have a choice for a service provider?

A.         Colerain, Ross and Springfield townships have joined together to form a trash consortium to offer their residents an enhanced trash and recycling service at a low monthly rate. The townships voted to make Rumpke the exclusive waste and recycling service provider for its residents. No other trash company can offer residential service in the area.


Q.        Do I have to sign-up for trash service?

A.         The Townships have passed a resolution that requires all occupied single family households as well as multi-family structures with four or less units in Colerain, Ross, Springfield townships to have service with Rumpke. Only working farms and individuals who have agreements with their employer for trash disposal can opt out of service. A notarized letter on company letterhead or for working farms a CAUV tax form must be provided to Rumpke to be exempted. Also excluded will be any mixed-use properties or any apartments that have more than 5 units per building.


Q.        What if I live in a Condo and currently pay for trash service through my HOA?

A.         Any residential condominium or HOA that currently partners with a trash hauler for curbside or dumpster service, and there are 5 or more attached units within one structure in the development will not be part of this contract and are exempt. Only condominiums with curbside service and have four units or less in each building would be eligible and part of the township contract.


Q.        What if I live in a trailer or mobile home park?

A.         If the residents in the trailer park have curbside service, all of the residents will be part of this contract. If the park is currently contracted as a group for curbside service, all of the residents will be part of the township contract once that agreement expires. Any trailer parks having dumpster service for its residents will be exempt.


Q.        How much is service and what does it include?

A.         There are two service levels that residents can choose from:

Full service ($16.20 per month), includes the weekly collection of trash and recycling as well as one large item per month, picked up on the first collection day of each month. All households at this service level will be provided with a 65-gallon recycling cart. Rumpke trash carts can be leased for an additional $2.50 per month.


Limited service ($12.95 per month), includes the weekly collection of one 95-gallon trash cart and one 65-gallon recycling cart as well as one large item per month, picked up on the first collection day of each month. At this service level, only material placed at the curb completely contained inside the carts will be collected.


The new contract with the three townships begins on April 1, 2016 and runs for 5 years. Each year, the monthly rates will increase annually by an average of $0.25 (limited service)- $0.35 (full service).


Q.        If I sign-up for limited service and I have more trash than what my cart can hold, how do I dispose of it?

A.         Rumpke can arrange for a special pick-up for your household and you must call in advance to arrange. There is an additional fee of $15 for this service. If you sign up for limited service and you feel you need to change to full service, you can change your service one time per year for a one-time $10 fee.


Q.        Is there a cost to recycle?

A.         Beginning, April 1, 2016, curbside recycling is available to all township residents at no additional cost. The cost of service includes recycling collection and there is no discount on service if you choose not to participate.


Q.        Do I have to recycle?

A.         As part of the contract with the townships, Rumpke will provide all Colerain, Ross and Springfield township households with weekly, curbside recycling service at no additional cost. Rumpke will supply all households with a 65-gallon recycling cart. Like with trash service, it is the residents’ responsibility to place the material at the curb for collection.


Q.        What can be recycled?

A.         Rumpke accepts a wide variety of common household items as part of its recycling program, including:

·         Plastic bottles and jugs (lids attached)

·         Glass bottles and jars (lids accepted if separated)

·         Aluminum cans

·         Steel cans and lids

·         Paperboard (like cereal boxes)

·         Cardboard

·         Office paper

·         Envelopes and junk mail

·         Newspapers, magazines and inserts

·         Telephone books and catalogs

·         Cartons

All materials should be placed loose inside recycling carts. Materials should not be in plastic bags.

Q.        Can I mix all the recyclables together?

A.         Yes. All recyclables can be mixed together in your recycling cart. Please place items in your cart loose. Don’t bag your recyclables before placing them in the cart.


Q.        Can I get a larger/smaller recycling cart?

A.         Rumpke offers smaller 18-gallon recycling bins. A larger recycling cart is not available; however, residents can lease a second recycling cart for $2.50 per month.


Q.        If I am currently a recycling customer and have a 65-gallon green recycling cart, will I use the same cart for service?

A.         The new contract requires Rumpke to purchase new recycling carts for all residents and the carts will have a specific township emblem. Rumpke will remove your existing recycling cart when the new carts are delivered in March 2016.


Q.        Who owns the recycling cart?

A.         The recycling carts are property of Rumpke for the initial 5-year contract term and then The Townships own the recycling cart. The cart should stay at the household where it was delivered.


Q.        What happens to my recyclables once they leave the curb?

A.         Recycling is transported to Rumpke’s state-of-the-art recycling facility in St. Bernard Ohio, where it is skillfully separated by type before the material is shipped to end-users to be turned into new products. To learn more about the recycling process, please watch this video:


Q.        Can I order a Rumpke trash cart?

A.         Households that sign-up for full service can lease a Rumpke 95-gallon trash cart for $2.50 per month. Households that opt for limited service will be provided with one 95-gallon trash cart. Additional trash carts aren’t offered at the limited service level. Trash carts are the property of Rumpke.


Q.        How much trash can I put out each week?

A.         Households signed up for full service are not limited in the number of trash bags and cans placed at the curb each week. Households signed-up for limited service are restricted to the contents of one 95-gallon trash cart each week. Both services include a large item pick up day.


Q.        What is considered a large item?

A.         A large item is any item too large to fit inside of a standard trash cart or trash bag. This would include items like furniture, appliances, etc.


Q.        When are large items collected?

A.         Large items are collected on your first service day of each month.



Q.        Do I need to call ahead to schedule large item collections?

A.         Please contact Rumpke 24-hours in advance to schedule large item collection and review with the Rumpke team on how to prepare items for collection. If you are scheduling a large item collection for a day other than the designated large item collection day each month, additional fees may apply.


Q.        How do I prepare my large items for collection?

A.         Mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture must be sealed in plastic for removal. Freon must be properly removed from appliances. A Freon removal form must be properly completed and attached to the appliance. Visit for more details. Carpet should be cut and rolled in lengths no larger than 4 feet long and two feet wide.


Q.        Are there items I can’t include in my garbage?

A.         According to federal law, Rumpke is not permitted to accept batteries, tires, liquids, combustible materials or any items identified as hazardous. Bulky materials including drywall, concrete, bricks, dirt or rocks are not acceptable. Television sets cannot exceed 32 inches for curbside pickup.


Q.        What holidays does Rumpke observe?

A.         Rumpke observes Christmas and New Year’s Day. If your collection day falls on or following either holiday, collection will be delayed one day that week.


Q.        How do I pay my bill?

A.         Rumpke offers several convenient payment options, including:

·         Pay Online

Rumpke partners with Vuebill to help customers easily and efficiently pay bills online. Vuebill is a more user-friendly online bill payment option. Vuebill allows customers a secure and convenient platform to make payments 24-7 and access billing and payment history. Unlike with other online payment systems, Vuebill won't ask you for your Social Security number.

You can access Vuebill by visiting and clicking on the “Pay Your Bill” link.

·         Auto Debit

The auto debit option electronically deducts your Rumpke payment from a designated bank account. Rumpke will mail you a monthly statement for your records. Visit the “Pay Your Bill” link on to learn more.

·         Cash or Check

Want to deliver your payment in person? You can drop your payment off in person at one of our sites, or drop it in the mail to the following address:

Residential Service: Rumpke

P.O. BOX 538709 Cincinnati, OH 45253-8709

        Pay at Walmart

Rumpke also partners with Walmart to allow customers to pay bills at any Walmart Money Center or Customer Service desk. Be sure to bring cash, your Walmart MoneyCard or a PIN-based debit card and your current billing statement. A convenience fee will apply. Walmart cannot accept payments if bill is past due.

·         Pay by Phone

Call your local Rumpke call center and select the “pay by phone” option to pay using your credit card 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Rumpke accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover. A $3.50 processing fee will be applied to all phone payments.


Q.        When will my trash/recycling be collected?

A.         Rumpke is currently working on integrating new customers in the township with our existing customer base. We hope to make as few day changes as possible. Rumpke will contact you via mail if your service day will change.


Q.        I currently lease/own a Rumpke trash cart; can I continue to use it?

A.         If you are signed up for the full service, you can continue to use the cart. Rumpke will adjust rental fee to reflect the $2.50 rate of the new contract. If you are signed-up for limited service, Rumpke will remove your current leased container and provide you with a 95-gallon cart identifying your limited service level. The new limited service option includes the cost of the trash cart. If you currently own a Rumpke cart, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use it for trash collection under the limited service option.


Q.        I am a Rumpke customer currently. How will this affect billing?

A.         Rumpke will only bill you through March 2016 for your current service. You will receive a bill under the new contract in April for services rendered in April – June 2016. You will be billed quarterly, moving forward.


Q.        Are there any fuel surcharges with the new contract with the Townships?

A.         The new rates effective April 1, 2016 are all inclusive rates and there will be no additional fuel surcharge fees. Beginning April 1, 2017 there will be an annual fuel surcharge calculation that may increase/decrease your rate depending on average fuel prices.


Q.        I live on a private drive. Do I have to bring my trash to the curb?

A.         Our operations team can visit your site to determine if our trucks can safely travel down your drive to collect your garbage. If they can, you will be asked to sign a waiver removing Rumpke from any liability for any damage that may occur to your private drive from our trucks.


Q.        I have rental property and may have vacancies on occasion, do I have to pay for service on a         vacant property?

A.         The contract does allow for service and billing only to occupied properties and you may stop service temporarily until it is occupied. The contract does allow for Rumpke to bill the property owner for all occupied units if necessary (NOT the tenants).


Q.        My trash cart is missing. How can I get it replaced?

A.         Rumpke currently allows for a one time replacement, at no charge if you are renting a trash cart and it is stolen. If the trash cart is stolen again the resident must pay $75 (plus tax) to get a replacement trash cart and the resident will continue to pay the $2.50 monthly rental charge.


Q.        My recycling cart is missing. How can I get it replaced?

A.        Unfortunately, there is a fee of $70 to replace the cart. We can provide you with an 18-gallon bin, at no additional charge.


Q.        Are there any discounted rates for seniors?

A.        There are no specific senior rates in the new contract, however Rumpke is allowing for any resident to sign up for limited service ($12.95 month). With the limited service, customers are limited to one 95-gallon trash cart.


Q.        Can I stop service if I am on vacation or I am a snow bird in the winter months?

A.        The new contract allows for one time per year of suspended service if it is a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 4 months.


Q.        Are there different service rates for 2 ,3 or 4-family buildings?

A.        Yes. The two-family rate is $24.30 per month for full service, $19.43 for limited service and eligible to receive (1) 65-gallon recycling cart. The three and four family rate is $32.40 per month for full service, $25.90 for the limited service and eligible to receive (2) 65-gallon recycling carts. The number of trash carts permitted for the limited service option that includes a 95-gallon trash cart will also apply. This adjusted pricing is effective only in cases when a single invoice is provided for the two, three or four family structure. If an invoice is provided to each occupied unit within the multi- family, the normal monthly single family rate would apply.




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