Police Divisions

PATROL DIVISION - The Ross Township Police Department is a full service 24/7 community oriented department. It consists of 18 officers who are committed to serving an area of approximately 36 square mile. They are responsible for responding to all calls for service within the Township.

The Patrol Division comprises of marked patrol units assigned for use on a daily basis.  Eachmarked patrol vehicle is equipped with a Mobile Data Terminal computer system, and uses the LEOT system for report writing. 

The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to all 911 calls, motor vehicle crashes, first aid calls, natural disasters, fires, reports of crimesand disorderly person’s offenses, as well as incorporating a spirit of cooperation with both the business community and citizens alike.  Officers annually get trained in the use of firearms, ASP, Taser, O.C., domestic violence, pursuit policy, and use of force policy. Additionally in 2010 Officers were trained in Victims Rights, and received a Legal update By Common pleas Court Judge Andrew Nastoff.

Patrol Officers are responsible for the initial investigation of all crimes that occur within Ross Township. Investigations that are intensive or require more manpower are turned over to the Investigations Section which will be followed up by a Detective.

The Patrol Division also utilizes bicycles, to complete specific initiatives or to add=ess specific concerns of the community.

The Ross Township Police Department Patrol Division aggressively enforces alcohol and drug laws within the community, and participates in the Butler County O.M.V.I. Task Force.

INVESTIGATION DIVISION - The Ross Township Police Department’s Investigative Division operates at a full strength with two detectives. The Detective Division is responsible for following up on information reported to the Patrol Division. All information is processed and organized by a Detective who will be responsible for that case to its conclusion.

The Detective responds to crime scenes where the scene is protected, processed and photographed. The Detectives will collect evidence and prepare it for further analysis. Latent fingerprints, shoe and boot marks, as well as DNA Evidence for further analysis or court. On large or more complex crime scenes, the Ross Township Detective Division works in conjunction with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

All detectives have received specialized training in evidence handling, interviewing techniques, as well as crime scene preservation and photography. Detectives also respond to fatal and serious crashes. There are three accident reconstruction specialist that are employed by the Ross Township Police Department, combined they have investigated over 300 serious and fatal crashes. They are responsible for the investigating, analyzing, and drawling conclusions about the causes and events during a vehicle collision. Additionally, they identify the collision causation and contributing factors in different types of collisions, including the role of the driver, vehicles, roadway and environment.

To contact an investigator, please call 513-795-1535.

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