Police Divisions

PATROL DIVISION - The Ross Township Police Department is a full service 24/7 community oriented department. The Patrol Division has an authorized strength of 14 part time officers who are committed to serving an area of approximately 36 square miles.

Ross Township Police Officers respond to all calls for service within the township and are dispatched by the Butler County Sheriffs Office. Calls for service include, but are not limited to; life squad runs, 911 calls, motor vehicle crashes, natural disasters, fires, reports of crimes and disorderly person’s. Officers receive annual training in firearms, Taser, O.C. pepper spray, domestic violence, vehicle pursuit, use of force and other law enforcement topics.

The Ross Township Police Department aggressively enforces traffic, alcohol and drug offenses within the community, and also participates in the Butler County O.V.I. Task Force.

Patrol Officers are responsible for the initial investigation of all crimes that occur within Ross Township. Incidents that require further action are turned over to the Investigative Section for follow up by a Detective.

INVESTIGATION DIVISION – The Investigation Division is responsible for the investigation of any criminal activity that occurs in Ross Township. The Division is currently composed of one part time Detective, who has the responsibility of collecting and preserving evidence, preparing cases and providing testimony for the Hamilton Municipal Court, Butler County Juvenile Court and the Butler County Commons Pleas Court.

Along with the investigation of all reports, the Investigation Division is responsible for covert investigations, intelligence gathering and background investigations. The Division also has at its disposal, the resources of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and other law enforcement agencies that have resources to assist with more complex investigations.

If you have information about an ongoing investigation or other criminal activity, please contact the Investigation Division at 513-795-1535, or call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.

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