Some of you mayalready know Laurie Kile who has been fulfilling her role as a CommunityResource Specialist for Ross Township. Her mission is to connect Ross residentsto the support services that they need, such as: transportation services, home health,private duty home care, home delivered meals, alcohol and drug treatment,mental health services, caregiver support and education, wellness programs andchecks, and housing resources. Laurie’s familiarity with the Ross community,her passion for helping others, and her knowledge of Community First services allowher to excel in this mission.


She refers Rossresidents to needed state agencies, medical professionals, and counselors, aswell as Community First programs. Part of Laurie’s role includes assisting residentswith enrollment forms, applying for aid, or registering for programs. She  is stationed in the Ross Township GovernmentCenter (4055 Hamilton Cleves Road) where she collaborates with Ross Townshippublic safety personnel and first responders to identify and respond to communityneeds. She works with the Ross Township Fire Department Safe Seniors Program toensure that individual needs are understood and met. She also works in conjunctionwith the Ross Township Police Department to connect youth-focused mental andbehavioral health support with students of Ross Schools. The collaborativepartnership between Community First Solutions and Ross Township continues toenhance support services throughout the community. Contact Laurie anytime at (513) 973-2095.


The goal of Community First Solutions is to be THE non-profitresource for meeting the needs of our neighbors throughout Butler County. Weseek to build collaborative relationships with partners who share our drive;working together to sustain programs that keep our community well. CommunityFirst Solutions is the non-profit parent company of Colonial, CommunityBehavioral Health, Community First Pharmacy, and Partners in Prime.


For information regarding Community First Solutions Community Supportprograms, use the link below to the page of the Community First Solutionwebsite.

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