Welcome from Ross Township Police

Chief Darryl Haussler

Thank you and welcome to the Ross Township Police Department's web site. I am honored and humbled to have been selected by the Board of Trustees as the sixth Chief of Police for Ross Township, and I look forward to interacting in positive ways with as many of the business owners and residents as possible in the coming years. To those I have already had the chance to meet, I thank you for the warm welcome and kind wishes.

As your Chief, I am committed to creating a lasting partnership between the men and women of the police department and the residents of Ross Township. My desire is to create a department we all can be proud of; one that will serve as an example for other communities in Butler County.

As you see officers in the coming months, you will notice the Police Department has undergone some “rebranding”. Officers will appear in new uniforms that look significantly different than what you are used to seeing. We have also designed a new shoulder patch for the uniform, which includes an image representative of the rural farmland so prevalent in Ross Township. The patch also contains the words, “Honor”, “Integrity” and “Service”, three of the most important attributes of law enforcement that the men and women of your police department will take to heart as they interact with you, the residents of Ross Township.

The Ross Township Police Department will remain a community oriented policing agency. As such, I hope to continue various programs that already exist and would like to create others that will allow us to serve you better. While those programs are important to our partnership with the community, our first priority will always be the protection of life and property within Ross Township. One way we achieve that is through active and directed patrols throughout the Township. I believe officers should be recognized because they are frequently seen in our businesses and subdivisions, not merely by their attendance at community events. So, please say hello when you see one of your officers out on patrol.

The men and women of the Ross Township Police Department stand ready to serve you whenever necessary. Please feel free to stop by the police department and introduce yourself, or to give me a call anytime. Until we meet, take care and stay safe.

Chief Darryl Haussler

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