Welcome from Ross Township Fire Chief Steve Miller

Thank you for visiting our Fire Department website. I hope that your visit will give you a better idea about the many programs and services that our department provides. The men and women of our department are very proud to provide a high level of customer service to our citizens.

Our 65 members are located in one of two fire stations located in the township. Our stations are manned with four part time personnel from 6:00am to 6:00pm seven days a week along with a full time Chief. During this time, a crew of firefighters can reach any location in the township in five minutes or less. This rapid response time is critical to successfully handling an incident, whether it is a fire, accident, or medical emergency. During the evening hours, Stations are staffed by our dedicated volunteer staff. Each fire station is staffed with at least one paramedic at all times and during the evening hours a paramedic is scheduled for the entire township. This allows our paramedics to start advanced life support services, such as intravenous drug therapy or cardiac defibrillation, as soon as we arrive.

We handle many specialized emergencies as well. Our firefighters receive advanced training in technical rescue. This training combined with our complement of specialized rescue equipment allows our firefighters to handle many varied types of special rescues.

Another important mission of our department is preventing fires. This is the job of our Fire Prevention & Education Division. The members of this division conduct fire prevention and safety inspections. They work diligently throughout the year to address risk factors in the township that could result in fires. We also work the Ross Local School District in providing Fire Prevention Classes for the elementary schools as well as providing CPR and AED training for the middle and high school personnel.

We encourage you to provide us feedback on any of the services that we provide. We are always looking for ways to do a better job of serving you, our customer. We welcome your ideas and comments. You can email them to: smiller@rosstwp.org or through regular mail to me at P.O. Box 71 Ross, Ohio 45061


Chief Steve Miller, OFE
Ross Township Fire Department

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