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This website is designed to make it easier for you to find the important information you want and need regarding Ross Township and it's government operations.  The Website is a work in progress, so your input is both wanted and welcomed.  If there are any aspects of this site you would like to see added to, deleted from or changed in any other way, please contact the township's administrator.  His contact information can be found under the "Contact Us" link.  We hope you enjoy this site and learn all you need to know about the Ross community.

Ross Township History...

...then Ross Township was organized in 1803, forming one of the original subdivisions of Butler County, Ohio. Until 1811, it embraced all of the territory now contained in Morgan Township, as well as its present territory. The Township is generally rolling and is well adapted to farming. Indian Creek is the principal stream, which flows diagonally across the Township from the northwest to the southeast. Other streams of less importance are Ziegller's Run, Dry Run and Paddys Run. The soil along these streams is very fertile. Originally, Ross Township was covered by a very dense growth of timber, and wild game of every sort abounded. The principal centers of population in Ross Township are at Venice and Millville. The latter lies also partly in Hanover Township.                

...and now While still mainly rural, Ross Township was recently named the new frontier of Butler County by the Hamilton Journal News. A new spurt of residential growth has begun to suburbanize some of the once rural areas. The township provides a relaxing atmosphere while remaining close to nearby cities such as Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton, Fairfield, Oxford, and Middletown, and readily accessible to major highways and interstates.

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